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Interventional Bronchoscopy

Interventional Bronchoscopy is a procedure where a tube is inserted into the airways, usually through the nose or mouth. This allows the doctor to examine and treat inside a patient's airway for abnormalities such as foreign bodies, bleeding, tumors, or inflamation. The doctor often takes tissue or fluid samples from inside the lungs for biopsies.

Endobronchial Tumor Ablation and Foreign Body Removal

Endobronchial Tumor Ablation is the removal or destruction of tumor tissue obstructing a bronchial tube either by freezing (cryotherapy) or burning (electrocaultery) of the tissue. Additionally, inhaled or aspirated foreign bodies in the bronchial tree can be easily removed thru bronchoscope using cryoprobe.

Endobronchial Stent Placement

A stent is either an expanable wire form or perforated tube that is inserted into a natural conduit of the body to prevent or counteract a disease-induced localized flow constriction.

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